Watch: Women’s Boxing Fight In Tennessee Stuns

Ah yeah, the old upset in boxing strikes again.

To be fair, probably one of the special things about boxing really.

Upsets can and do happen all the time.

Underdogs do sometimes do what is not expected.

This Friday night in an unexpected location of Nashville, Tennessee, women’s boxing produced one again.

Jessica Camara recorded a points win over former world champion Heather Hardy.

In a fight that didn’t get much noise beforehand but certainly raised eyebrows afterwards.

Here is the Jessica Camara vs Heather Hardy full fight video:

(Hat tip Bruce Egar YouTube)

Solid scoring shots from Camara behind the use of a strong jab.

The most important punch in boxing.

Congrats to Camara and hard luck to Hardy, no doubt she can come back again.

This win further shows the depth of talent across women’s boxing now, where the standard has improved tenfold over the last number of years in particular with the increase of depth.

An upset win indicative of crazy times for the world.

Not good to see the continued conflict in Israel and Palestine. Hopefully a peaceful resolution can be reached soon please God.

Also seeing other smaller countries getting their heads kicked in by some cyber attacks this week. Not surprised. Thought something like that would happen. Not this quick though. Some of these places have no protection. No good. Too much talk from ill-considered and misguided politicians. No action. No good. They’re on their own for now.

All in all, let the fighting be done in the boxing ring at the end of the day — as the above clearly shows in Camara vs Hardy. That’s where it should be done and left. What a sport.

Peace in the real world is key. If no peace what is the point of bloody anything or what meaning does it all have then without peace.

Wherever you are at the moment, stay safe and look after yourselves. Plenty of boxing action left in this month yet.

Roll on.


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The Boxing World Meets The Technology World In 2021

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