George Foreman Reveals Best Advice He Ever Got For Punching Power

Oldest heavyweight champion George Foreman is considered one of the biggest punchers that ever lived.

In his younger days a fearsome man.

His only intent was on doing as much damage to his opponents as possible.

As he got older and became born again in Jesus Christ, a very different man transformed through his faith in God emerged from the rubble.

Still, as powerful a fighter as ever.

Becoming the oldest heavyweight champion in history. A record that still stands to this day.

While the humble Foreman never looks for plaudits of his achievements, he was without doubt a very good fighter.

To put it mildly.

One of the best American fighters in history.

He has revealed for the first time a great piece of wisdom passed onto him by another boxing legend no less.

Archie Moore.

On how he harnessed that God-given punching power as time went on:

Archie Moore is considered one of the greatest light-heavyweight champions ever.

Even in today’s times, the above still stands true for many boxers.

Often times fighters shorten their professional boxing journeys by getting into too many gym wars.

Overdoing it on the number of rounds in the gym of sparring.

Sparring is crucial, but as Foreman’s longevity showed, it needs to be balanced wisely.

The results spoke for themselves:


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