Blonde Boxing Bombshell Goes To Mexico

Once again, viva Mexico.

And, once again, viva Texas.

What a weekend for boxing just gone because of both.

That Alvarez vs Saunders show really displayed just how passionate, loyal and vocal Mexican boxing fans are.

Perhaps Mexican boxing fans and Belfast boxing fans the two greatest sets of boxing supporters in the entire world.

Mexico and Ireland, all day. Puerto Rico, Poland, Russia, UK good boxing fans too.

Not forgetting American boxing fans are very passionate about their boxing too.

At any rate, women’s boxing’s new biggest name Ebanie Bridges of Australia has been in a lot of places lately since raising the profile of women’s boxing single handedly this year.

America, the UK and now in Mexico:

Boxing in Mexico is really on fire at the moment.

Boxing in Mexico, where this game of science meets heart and grit tenfold.

All day.


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