Mike Tyson Nearly Loses It On Parasite Paparazzi

Celebrities in America have often in the past traded in their riches and fame for paparazzi privacy intrusion and annoyance.

It has gone hand and hand with the toxic declining Hollywood culture for some time now.

You only have to look at the dismal recent ratings the Oscars pulled to see that.

With that being said, you still get the odd knuckle head or two that still seem to bother celebrities.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson came into contact with one recently and appeared close to unleashing some self-defense counter strikes:

(Hat tip starinfluxla YouTube)

One wonders how much of a brain do some of these people actually have.

Tyson has punched the odd American and European here and there before who got too close and invaded his space and privacy.

This at a boxing event also a word of warning to one fan who took his stalking a bit too far:

Classic Tyson.


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