Tyson Fury Reacts To Canelo Alvarez Beating Billy Joe Saunders

Tyson Fury Reacts To Canelo Alvarez Beating Billy Joe Saunders

If one could engineer, assemble, build and structure a sensible and appropriate derivative in any financial contract of combat, within a relative international scope utilizing both public and private law for rules of engagement, involving two grown men contesting the championship of the world, perhaps it would be something like this.

Value of the performance of the underlying entity, perceived by all appropriate parties that consent and have legal capacity to contract, view this as the payout number of buys of the fight on pay per view, being reliant both on the marketing of the event in tandem with the performance of the two fighters in the ring.

With the latter implied assumption to a sober minded, reasonable individual superseding.

In that, result of said execution of terms, will leave a sense of good will of future buyers of a potential fight involving the participants, rights holders and/or but not limited to platforms involved, sometimes referred to as ‘networks’.

In doing so, not damaging the overall market’s equilibrium if a fight fails on pay per view, thus not causing damages to the aggregated indicators in the life cycle of the boxing product.

With that being said, expectations are subject to change daily.

Due to the variable dynamic of the ongoing, changing current world situation moving forward. Respectfully, if all that is too much to keep up with, well, we don’t care. That’s your problem.

In layman’s terms, the fight at the weekend was a bloody good one.

Overall, you’d have to say, on the balance of probabilities, people were relatively content or more so, with last weekend’s super fight in Texas.

In fairness.

Contested by pound for pound head honcho Saul Alvarez of Mexico and Billy Joe Saunders of the UK.


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Alvarez won the fight after Saunders’ trainer withdrew his boxer from the bout — but it was a bloody good fight up to that.

The attendance exemplified the action in the ring to set an all-time record for an indoor boxing match.

Done in an adverse climate and unforeseen circumstances given the dynamic nature of the current world situation.

It is easy to knock the fight, or the fighters involved but when all is said and done, full respect has to be given to both boxers.

Lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury reacted to the fight in this school of thought:


A quite astonishing night for boxing really.

When you really think about it.

All things considering.

Alas, one that will live on forever in boxing history.

Fair play to the Texans for facilitating it. Kindly appreciated.

A great bunch.

Quickly establishing Texas as the new fight capital of the world.

It is up to other large countries, and indeed individuals in other States within the United States of America at this time, to respond in kind.

Word to the wise.


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