For us, if there is an art in boxing, it is that it’s more of a science at its core.

Respectfully, never been one for art, museums, sculptures or any of that arty farty stuff in fairness. Always being a terrible drawer too since a kid. Each to their own, mind you.

Boxing is surely not an art as much as it is a science really.

When you break it down.

Okay. It’s called the noble art to some.

But to us, not really.

It’s a game of science and engineering. At its very route core. The sweet science no less.

A complete and utter thinking man’s game. As boxing fans watching it in full flow it is very enjoyable.

You can’t beat a big fight night. There’s something quite special about it.

But away from all the big time boxing the building of boxers is done solitarily.

On their own. A very lonely game to be fair.


Boxer Makes Noise With Surprising Dance Mid Fight

Boxer Makes Noise With Surprising Dance Mid Fight

The hard work of the daily assembly line and repetition eventually comes to fight night at the highest level.

Naturally so, where muscle memory, skill, heart and spiritual alignment meet.

Former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder knows all about this.

Perhaps the biggest puncher that ever lived.

He’s clearly been putting in the work diligently into his new weapons he’s acquiring by the looks of this with new trainer coach Scott:

(Hat tip EsNews YouTube)

Lots of speed there.

Those left hooks to the body look deadly.

With the roll under and coil, a new fighter looks like is being built at present.

An improved version and you can see him thinking a lot more there.

Perhaps this more thinking approach is needed upon his return.

Jab to the body and use of the pawing jab for distance finder to turn his opponent around as he steps off impressive also.

It should be interesting to see how this new improved version of Wilder operates.

As boxing fans, we are certainly looking forward to his return.

The heavyweight division needs as many high-level fighters boxing as regularly as possible.

Activity is key for all of them.


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Tyson Fury Reacts To Canelo Alvarez Beating Billy Joe Saunders

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