Roy Jones The Now Trainer Reacts To His Fighter’s Latest Win

Roy Jones The Now Trainer Reacts To His Fighter's Latest Win

Isn’t it funny.

The cycle of boxing is perhaps a metaphor for the cycle of life at times.

It makes one laugh sometimes in that what a mad world it is sometimes. Only trusting in God the only thing one can do when on your own away from the people you love, and the work you love, for so long. You’re never on your own with God though. He carries you all the time.

As regards, boxing legends, many boxing legends of years gone by have been returning to the sport in some shape or form over the last year.

Ironically in one of the toughest years the world has ever seen.

Moreover, many son’s of boxing legends have also turned professoinal in this time.

Ricky Hatton of the UK’s son recording another win this weekend.

As did Chris Eubank son’s Eubank Jr.

Who is now trained by all time boxing legend Roy Jones Jr.

He won a unanimous decision.

Here was Roy Jones, the now boxing trainer’s reaction to the win:

(Hat tip Behind The Gloves YouTube)


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