There is a lot of bull and lies by the looks of it as per the usual bloody case in some quarters in boxing going on surrounding the alleged undisputed heavyweight fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury happening.

Still no confirmed date and venue. No good. Fed up and sick of it all now. Love boxing but the bull politics and all politics would just make you fed up with it after a while. Some of the crap, lies and bull going on around this fight at the moment no good. Fook this anyway, going fishing tomorrow maybe, catch some fish maybe with a bit of luck. Catch up on more sleep too soon, changing accommodation, too much noise in middle of night outside hotel during this lockdown.

One day this fight is on. The next day it is off. No good. Unacceptable. Get on with it and make the bloody fight soon. Or move on to something else at this stage. Simple. We contacted the British Boxing Board on the phone today and one of the Commissions in America to let them know of our absolute disgust and the bloody guff from one of these English promoter fellas saying this fight was on, only for it now looking like it is off, what on Earth was he playing at letting boxing fans down like that the way he did and getting people’s hopes up for bloody months. Today’s phone call is the end of dealing with politics now. Tell the truth next time if a fight is happening or not and don’t get all boxing’s fans hopes up again for an undisputed fight. End of. We may pull all coverage of British Boxing now moving forward we told the Board. No good. Outside of just the super fights because of this let down for all boxing fans. Disgusted. British Boxing Board were always great people in fairness though.

Some of these promoter clowns will never, ever get nothing from us again anyway. Maybe if they reach out with a bit of respect we’ll think twice again about these dopes. Adios otherwise. Clowns.

No more supporting some promoters. They fooked up and have a lot of making up to do in the years ahead. Roll on America soon finally thank God. Nice call from a government today. About bloody damn time. Out of it the last few months also with lack of sleep with noise in the middle of night outside hotel and taking a break now.

No integrity or worth even mentioning about anymore regarding snake boxing politics of course. Weasels still have not confirmed if this fight is happening or not. No wonder YouTube boxing becoming popular. Only thing worth integrity in these internet reports is the numbers which can be checked by anyone transparently on Amazon’s — the industry standard for measuring numbers and traffic on a website.

Sadly, so much bull going around regarding this fight being on or off. It is hard to take it seriously anymore until this fight is finally confirmed that it is on.

This joke of a situation is reminiscent of the Joshua vs Wilder talks a few years ago as well. Still have not forgotten about that. The amount of conflicting info and lies around that whole situation was not good for boxing. This can’t be allowed to happen to boxing again otherwise the YouTuber boxing thing could take over. That will be a sad day. Can’t understand why this is happening again to the heavyweight titles why, why, why on God’s green Earth does this have to happen again for fook sake. If this happens again for Joshua vs Fury people will be more than angry at some of these clowns for not getting the fight made.

The fight boxing fans want to see at the end of the day.

It these numpties actually finally make the fight. Great. Very good for boxing fans.

Tyson Fury sure as heck isn’t getting bogged down by anything and is putting in the work for Joshua in the gym.

Working on the right hand and footwork here with coach Hill:

Fair play.

Great fight this Joshua thing if it happens and will be stellar for boxing if all the titles can be unified.

Time will tell if it actually happens though.

Let’s wait until there is announcement. Otherwise. Jog on.

Plenty of other great fights coming up.

Taking some time off for the mental health today at this stage and catching up on more sleep as unable to function without sleep the last few months and will be switching accommodation soon to somewhere with less noise in the middle of the night outside this hotel, great call with the government today and was kindly and hugely appreciated. That’s the right answer, this time, and correct level of respect. Maybe we will change our view over time now. Not long to go now until America finally thank God. Back soon after the Ruiz vs Arreola fight likely. Thanks and take care.


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