Canelo Alvarez has come a long way to get where he is today.

Never forgetting where he is from but never letting that define who he is today at the same time. Helping people still behind the scenes by all accounts in his native Mexico. Not to have his bloody name doing so for bull social media fame or unimportant popcorn press headlines. Or cynical corporate tax write-off charitable donations that many large companies do nowadays. Great to see other successful boxers recently also like Andy Ruiz and Tyson Fury genuinely helping people out of the goodness of their heart. Trust no one other than God at the end of the day. No one perfect of course.

Guess one can only improve to be a better person than they were yesterday. No matter age. Each day a chance to get one step closer to God and improve. Ultimately a step closer to heaven then in the after life. Can only speak for me self suppose. Like us all. No one better than anyone. All individually trying to improve and be the best we can be in the context of a family. Or for many on their own just for now stuck in places due to the crazy world situation, that might just mean around people you consider family and keeping in contact with them on the phone as best you can for now. You’re never really alone with God though. Never. Keep on trucking towards your goals and destination with humility and patience. Patience not always easy. All comes good in the end with God. Can’t be of little faith, have to keep the faith all the time. Never subscribing to group ideologies or politics. Fickle temporary trends. Ways of the world that come and go. Respectfully, each to their own of course. Whatever one’s beliefs.


Canelo Brutally Honest On A Prime Mayweather Fight

Canelo Brutally Honest On A Prime Mayweather Fight

Lack of sleep lately and snapped completely. Too much and at any and all people to be fair. Too much bad language also. Terrible. Stopping that now. Must buy a bloody swear jar. Tough to do. Jacked in the red meat completely now. Forgiving tough but will get there. Anyway, swiftly moving on finally now. Lots of boxing for the rest of the year to look forward to please God. Lot’s of boxing to focus on finally in May certainly with Ruiz then Alvarez Saunders, so will be working hard as much as we can on here. Time permitting as best we can.

Alvarez has helped a lot of people in his home country over the years of Mexico but is spending more and more time in America with his boxing career taking off.

Particularly over the last few years.

Alvarez recently spoke about growing up in Mexico and some of his early fights that he tried to recall.

Including one time where as around as a 14-year-old kid, to the best of his recollection he says he actually astonishingly knocked out someone who could have been between 30-35 years old:

(Hat tip Graham Bensinger YouTube)

His power has clearly carried and grown as he developed into an adult world champion professional boxer.

One of his key allies in his fight arsenal today.

His improvement in technique however has also helped developed this, he has pointed out in recent times.

He takes on Billy Joe Saunders next up on May 8th in Texas.

Big weekend of boxing coming up, will be trying to be on here as much as possible at the moment time permitting. Caught up on sleep, Cars and some speaker thing at the Mosque bloody heck. Right in the middle of the bloody night every damn night, great Mosque though other than that. Happy Ramadan to our Muslim readers again, half way through nearly now. Just not a fan of an excessively loud speaker thing in the middle of the night at the local Mosque by our place — era, all good, can catch up on sleep — plenty of great boxing action coming up on here anyway at the weekend — plenty to look forward to for boxing fans.

Roll on.


Canelo Brutally Honest On A Prime Mayweather Fight

Canelo Brutally Honest On A Prime Mayweather Fight