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Floyd Mayweather Fight 2021 Finally Done and Boxing World Reacts

It has been long talked about at this stage.

Floyd Mayweather’s next ‘fight’ that is.

Sure, it is a bit of farce and circus in fairness. Nothing more than entertainment.

It is obviously a cash grab but you can’t blame either guy. If there is apparently enough demand for it.

Business is business and not meant to be personal, but, that’s a two way street for the appropriate business parties and in some ways, a bull concept. If this event lands flat on its face Mayweather won’t be happy. Surely.

His opponent next up Logan Paul, a YouTuber, will be a winner either way.

How this guy has managed to get himself this boxing exhibition opportunity is quite incredible. Beyond weird but each to their own.

The details have finally been confirmed for the first Floyd Mayweather fight of 2021:

Miami in Florida is quickly becoming a big place and State for combat sports events in recent times.

Here’s some of the reaction from boxing fans to the above:


One would have to be a little skeptical of the rules of this boxing exhibition.

Potentially Mayweather could badly hurt this individual if he wanted to.

Essentially, ending half of the Paul brothers’ pro boxing endeavor.

Maybe that’s what he’s up to.

Old Mayweather.

Pretend it’s an exhibition, make a load of money and actually fight night, then just flatten Paul and knock him out viciously.

Then creating a whole story line and narrative for his brother Jake Paul to call him out after the fight.

Then, making even more money and batter him for his trouble too. Ending both Paul’s venture into boxing.

There’s certainly less plausible narratives out there.

If that were to happen, both Pauls will have done well for themselves anyway. Fair play.

For as long as this freak show lasts at least.

Carnival boxing won’t last though long-term.


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