The UK’s Tony Bellew, a former cruiserweight world champion, struggled for much of his pro career until right near the end.

Often written off as a loud mouth, even a wacko who was called a pscyhopath by one opponent, he knew better all along.

Bellew had the right heart and in the end his actions superceded his words by winning the world title near the end of his career and upsetting, twice, not once, but twice, at heavyweight.

Stopping David Haye inside the distance that no one expected him to.

Many remember the famous saying from former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson:

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

Well, Bellew has got a new book out and it’s the title:

Likely a good read.

Here is the time Bellew won the world title after all his years or struggle and hardship.

Indicative of many lessons in life.

As his book cover above writes:


90 Years Ago Boxing Legend Bowed Out With Knockout

90 Years Ago Boxing Legend Bowed Out With Knockout