Canelo Trainer Brutally Honest Ahead Of Saunders Fight

May 8th will see boxing’s biggest draw and in the eyes of many, the pound for pound number one or at least two at the worst, return to action.

Mexico’s Canelo Alvarez will do battle with arguably one of the best technical boxers he has faced since Miguel Cotto in 2015 perhaps, in Billy Joe Saunders.

One suspects this will be a match of wit and skill rather than fire power.

Certainly early doors.

Speaking ahead of the fight Canelo’s coach kept it as real as it gets on the fight:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Coach Reynoso is considered one of the very best trainers in boxing in the world at this time.

Momentum is on Canelo and his team’s side but this really is a heck of a fight if Saunders comes at his best.

This will be very different to the Canelo fight just gone earlier in the year which didn’t present much of a challenge to him, respectfully.

This should be a very different type of fight and a real fight for the sweet science fans out there.

Roll on.


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