On This Day 20 Years Ago Boxing Legend Suffered Shock

Boxing and more specifically, the heavyweight division, is littered in history with shock upsets and one punch knockouts that came against the run of play.

The power some of these fighters punch with is something else.

It just sounds different even when watching a professional heavyweight fight.

It’s almost like a different sport in some regards to the rest of boxing.

Former champion Lennox Lewis knew about delivering and bouncing back from knockouts in his time.

This day 20 years ago in 2001 saw Hasim Rahman upset him in South Africa with one of the most memorable punches of its era:



Right on the button.

What a punch but Lewis, as he always did, to his credit, came back stronger.

He avenged the defeat with this:

Lewis proved to be a master at the art of the comeback in his career.

The only two defeats he ever had as a professional he avenged in superb fashion.

The other being to Oliver McCall.


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