Former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. returns to action on May 1st against fellow Mexican-American fighter Chris Arreola in Carson.

While the story line going into the fight is being on Ruiz’ drastic weight loss and muscle redistribution, Arreola has also shed a lot of pounds for the fight to be fair.

The result could be one heck of a brawl while it lasts come fight night.

Speaking to Fox ahead of the fight, Ruiz’ trainer of the year Eddy Reynoso pointed to the key differences in Ruiz so far as:

What I think he was missing in his last fights was his mobility. A little more movement in his waist, his legs. And above everything that he drops some weight so he can move better in the ring.”

God-fearing Ruiz has been helping the community this week with lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in Las Vegas.

The two of them have been helping families in need with reportedly over 500 grocery bags families finding things tough at the moment in the State of Nevada.

Like families everywhere in the world currently.

Two champions in the ring and outside the ring.


Temporary Fad in Boxing that won't last the Test of Time

Temporary Fad In Boxing That Won’t Last The Test Of Time

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