Watch: Tipped Future Heavyweight Champ Knocked Out In Round 1 Upset

One of the most interesting things about the sport of boxing, certainly heavyweight boxing, is its fragility.

Upsets can and do happen. A loss doesn’t mean what it did before of course.

Fighters come back all the time.

One of the amazing things to observe in the sport.

A single punch can literally change everything in the blink of an eye in professional boxing.

Create a dream or put one temporarily on hold for someone else.

This brave but inspiring storyline always a significant incumbent of the marketing of the sport.

Year after year.

Boxing is just one of those sports where conventional logic goes out the window from time to time.

A sport where passion and the impossible are made possible regularly. Miracles can and do happen and tearing up the script year after year — something that boxers do all the time.

This past weekend one such heavyweight suffered a shock first round stoppage in this regard:

(Hat tip DAZN Twitter)

Full credit to Russian heavyweight Fedosov.

A very good punch.

Textbook straight right hand over the shoulder while remaining in perfect balance.


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