Mike Tyson, Ray Leonard and Shane Mosley on how to beat Mayweather

Mike Tyson, Ray Leonard and Shane Mosley on how to beat Mayweather

Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard and Shane Mosely discuss how to beat Floyd Mayweather

Is is hard to work out oftentimes on how to beat an undefeated fighter for the simple reason, they’ve never been beat.

There’s no blueprint there.

When it came to Floyd Mayweather of the recent generation oftentimes fighters would try to take things from parts of fights where other boxers had sporadic success.

Then, try to piece those moments all together and come up with something in their fight that would work.

Nothing ever quite did though.

When it comes to figuring out fighters you won’t get much better than this.

Mike Tyson, Shane Mosley and Ray Leonard discussing how to beat Mayweather:

The thing about Mayweather, and even other fighters who went unbeaten like Joe Calzaghe, is they always found a way to win.

Adapting mid-fight and changing relentlessly out of nowhere.

Changing direction at the drop of a hat and never letting their opponents come close to them, always being ten steps ahead.

Never predictable. Never readable. The only predictable thing about fighters like Mayweather and even perhaps in today’s times, Tyson Fury, is their sheer unpredictability.

It’s quite brilliant.

Always changing. Always keeping it pushing and moving.

Only a few special fighters in history could do that.


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