Watch: Mike Tyson Unleashes Punch Fury On Unsuspecting Wrestler

Very good, good old Mike Tyson is a bit of a one man media army these days.

From comeback fights, to worldwide acclaim on his podcast to now even jumping into the world of wrestling again.

Not something we usually pay attention to or have any interest in but this from Tyson seems to have been huge so far and has crossed over with his array of entertainment punches:

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, still an entertainer.

As for his next boxing exhibition bout, it is not known at this time when that will happen.

Or who it will be against.

It was due to be against Evander Holyfield but the fight got shelved for now due to both parties being unable to reach terms.

Over the last year or so where there wasn’t a lot of boxing to talk about, Tyson appears to be bigger than ever.

What next, getting President Joe Biden, Elon Musk or Conor McGregor on his podcast?

It wouldn’t surprise us in the slightest if his podcast among boxing fans and the world continues to grow.

From a boxing perspective, getting Floyd Mayweather on the podcast as a guest would do insane numbers and interest in America specifically.


Tommy Hearns reacts to emotional Mike Tyson Sugar Ray Robinson meet

Tommy Hearns Reacts To Emotional Mike Tyson Sugar Ray Robinson Meet