To compare today’s heavyweight times of the ones of Muhammad Ali and his rivals is obviously going to cause a stir among boxing fans.

It is of course a difficult thing to do.

Particularly when Ali is considered the greatest of all-time, too.

In terms of how athletes advance over the years, they usually get bigger, stronger, faster and better.

That’s the reality of it.

But boxing is one of those rare sports where skills, heart and talent can’t always be defined or labeled over a time period.

It’s got the magic about it. That’s why its such a great sport after all.

George Foreman was part of the great Ali era of course.

He is in a position perhaps better than most to overview today’s heavyweight best fighters, with his own era.

Speaking on his Twitter account to one fan, Foreman said:

All that fighters can do of today’s times of is fight the best of their era with the dance partners available.

Nothing more.

Time will tell who proves to be the best heavyweight of today’s times.

After they have all fought.

At some point.


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