Hall of Famer Reveals What Happened When Tyson Hit Him Bareknuckle

While we no longer plug individual boxing promotional companies, or their TV companies they are affiliated with.

Regarding specific events. As we at Boxing News and Views do not want to play favorites to anyone and want to stay independent. Can’t stand politics of any kind.

The following story does not fall into that. Involving one of the most well known boxers in the world too no less.

It is perhaps one of the most remarkable boxing anecdotes ever.

And now, for the first time, it has been fully explained by Hall of Fame legendary promoter Frank Warren of the UK.

It is pertaining to an incident where former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson actually punched him before one of his fights.

This from BT Sport YouTube (hat tip) incredible stuff that speaks for itself:

Astonishing stuff.

Today Tyson is a more peaceful man who operates a worldwide successful podcast and also has a legal cannabis ranch business in America.


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