Puerto Rican Women’s Boxing Sensation Is Spot On

Women’s boxing and indeed boxing in Puerto Rico really seems to have had renewed interest as of late.

In tandem, concurrently, with the overwhelming success in the sport of boxing worldwide at the moment.

Amanda Serrano had a strong showing last week which got people’s attention.

Including all-time Puerto Rican boxing great Felix ‘Tito’ Trinidad no less.

This from Serrano on her Twitter has a lot of people in agreement:

From a neutral boxing point of view, being objective and balanced, it is excellent to see the renewed uptake in the sport in both the countries of Mexico and Puerto Rico specifically.

We’ve never seen anything close to the rivalry in boxing between these two countries.

Really incredible fighting spirit, very enjoyable to observe.

Even Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales now are contemplating a comeback fight against one another this summer.

Only in America.

As for Serrano, big things ahead.

Plenty of interesting fights out there.

Not least one with Ireland’s Katie Taylor.

We tried looking up the Irish boxing news for the first time in a while but the site seemingly is down at the moment.

Give these fellas a bit of support at Irish Boxing, they appear to be in a bit of bother at the moment and try their best for the Irish boxing stuff, also Irish Boxing Review by the excellent Steve Wellings always worth a read.

Today being April 1st, patience for not smart people is never great, to be fair, it appears their site is down due to some simpleton hosting company. Word the wise to their server provider. Fix it. Or else.

We wanted to catch up on that stuff today, disappointing, but hopefully will be fixed for them quite soon. Sure it will be.

As for Serrano, the Taylor fight would be a big one but there is also the possibility of a fight with the winner of the upcoming Bridges vs Courtenay fight.

Taylor also needs to win her upcoming bout:

As previously mentioned, the problem with women’s boxing before was the lack of depth in the different divisions.

The standard was terrible to be honest.

Not as much anymore though. Some decent scraps there to be fair. All these fighters above case in point.

That factor has improved now however and more interesting, genuinely compelling bouts worth anyone caring about can be made.

It’s just a case of making the fights.

It’s not necessarily a case of the ratings, as pointed out by Serrano above, more so fans wanting to see the best fight the best.