The photo posted above by Tyson Fury on social media has caused some to question it.

In terms of, was it doctored or photoshopped. Given the very trim Fury at present.

At the moment Fury is still in limbo as regards a potential super fight with Anthony Joshua.

It is expected to happen next up but it appears there are a number variables to overcome before an announcement with an actual date and venue are confirmed.

All Fury can do for now is stay ready, as can Joshua.

Some believe that if Fury were to come in too light for a fight with Joshua that it could favor ‘AJ’ who maybe would look to then try to tie Fury up on the inside, lean on him and wear him down with a perceived weight advantage.

Fury has exhibited a strong inside fighting game in the past however.

Particularly the transition to the Kronk style overnight for the Deontay Wilder rematch. Credit to his trainers Virgil Hill and Andy Lee.

It doesn’t get the credit it deserves in terms of adapting his fight style to that on fight night. Very few boxers show that ability to be flexible and adapt at the highest level.

All in all, while many give considerable advantages to Fury in the boxing ability department Joshua also has a number of his own things going for him at the same time.

Time will tell.

It is understood that there are a number of places around the world highly interested in showing the fight.

Until an actual date and venue are confirmed however, don’t believe anything until it is signed.


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