In an unexpected turn of events this weekend World Championship boxing takes place in the high-end desert of Dubai.

A good fight to look forward to between Ireland’s Carl Frampton and Ohio’s reigning WBO super-featherweight champion Jamel Herring.

A lot is on the line for both men. Certainly at this stage of their careers. Neither can afford to lose.

A win is needed for both if they are to contend for any major fights in the remaining part of their pro tenures.

With a slight lull in boxing action in some regards, in recent weeks, this is a quality fight to kick off April this weekend.

This from Top Rank YouTube (hat tip) worth a watch if interested in getting up to speed on the champion in particular.

Many will be familiar with Frampton already but here’s what happened at their final press conference involving everyone:

Photo credit: Top Rank/MTK Global

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