Likeable Irishman Dennis Hogan put up a brave fight today in Australia. He displayed solid heart.

Alas, he was just in there with a better fighter in the end.

While body punches usually take out the Irish fighters time and time again, Hogan did well to absorb some of the body attacks that he did.

When all was said and done, son of boxing legend Kostya Tszyu, Tim Tszyu, proved just how he good he was.

The fight business, the hurt business, is a ruthless one and Tszyu closed the show in that style:

It has been a poor time for Irish sport and the Irish as of late. They have now seen and finally understood that they can be crushed within seconds at the drop of a hat, smashed like clay pots and taken out of the equation. Without hesitation. Worldwide.

Today in Australia, boxer Dennis Hogan the latest casualty.

Nobody is better than anyone but alas, in the end, there is levels to everything. Ultimately.

Sport and professional boxing is no different. This is a fact of life.

The cream always rises to the top, in the end. Today Aussie Tszyu looked a very, very special fighter in the making in that regard. He showed his class.

Hard luck to Hogan but what a win for Tszyu.

What a fighter.

The sky is the limit for him now.

The win today improved the 26-year-old super-welterweight’s professional boxing record to 18-0-14 KO.

Expect big things for this new star in the sport of boxing.


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