Snoop Dogg Speaks On Spence, Crawford, Davis and Garcia

Snoop Dogg Speaks On Errol Spence, Terence Crawford, Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia

Recording rap artist and businessman Snoop Dogg has entered the world of boxing in recent times.

A world not for the faint-hearted that only a few really have the stomach for in the long-run. Still, the best sport in the world. By far.

Snoop clearly is a big fan.

A good addition and a welcome acquisition to a new way of marketing the sport with the world of entertainers.

For boxing to get back to where it once was, which it is well on the way to doing as a main stream sport again today, this approach is appropriate.

There is no definitive right or wrong ways of growing a sport but as long as boxing stays true to itself, it will be fine.

Snoop caught up with the gentlemen at Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) to talk some of the biggest fighters in the sport:

Boxing in America and around the world continues to grow.

This new style of promotion in the sport very welcome and doesn’t come into the bull irrelevant politics of anything, either.

Just a new outlet for the sport to continue its relentless, unstoppable growth and success at this time.

No other sport in the world or very few businesses or industries can claim this at this time.

A testament to the special nature of boxers, the sport and people in it.


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