Too often around the world in today’s screwed up times people sell their souls for money and fame.

Not former heavyweight champion George Foreman, though.

No way.

The oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history turned born again Christian always kept it real through the good times, and the bad.

Indeed, his greatest achievement he revealed never actually came as a professional fighter or as a businessman later in life.


It was as an amateur.

When he got no money for his Olympic gold:

Alas, love and respect the only things worth anything really in terms of passing on to your fellow human being in life.

All around the world, in smaller nations in particular, everything coming to fruition as expected and predicted, with humans now starting to understand what real adversity is. Will probably have to save and come to the rescue of these dummies once again, one day, again, with advice. Even losing at home to amateur nations in soccer this weekend. Depressing. Terrible.

Nonsense. Numpties. Simpletons. Stupid. Idiots. Slow. Brainless. Dopey. Thick. Harmless fools. Clowns. Unintelligent.


Need to get their act together. Fast. As expected, young people under the age of 35 emigrating all over the place now.

No good.

Much, much worse stuff than this current stuff to come, too, unfortunately. This is nothing.

Humans break in the end but we must be cognizant and respectful that not all are like us, we need to help and be kind to one another now more than ever.

Be true to yourself, your family and your people and keep fighting the good fight. Stay until the job is done. That’s it.

I know we’re like a bloody broken record on here saying it, but as time has shown now, all the predictions come true and right about everything, as bloody usual, once again.

Eventually, the good guys win at the end. They always do.

No man knows the day or the hour. We’re only promised today, not tomorrow after all.

One must keep on trucking and loving life, one’s self and one another however until the final round is fought in this championship fight of life 🙂

Don’t forget to laugh also. Stay positive. Keep smiling 🙂

Ah yeah, very good.

Quiet at the moment but more boxing to look forward to soon — roll on.


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Watch: Dillian Whyte Knocks Out Povetkin Faster Than Joshua