The Insane Number Of Punches Thrown In Estrada vs Chocolatito 2

Estrada vs Chocolatito 2

Estrada vs Chocolatito 2 was one heck of a fight tonight.

An instant modern boxing classic.

The bogus judges aside who on their scorecards have caused havoc again. What a fight though.

Get past the crap scorecards for a minute and just look at the quality of the fight itself.

The Commissions in various States are going to have to be looked at much more closely now as boxing’s roll out across the country nationwide continues.

In terms of the officiating and the quality of the officials involved. Look, as you know, my patience for dumb and stupid people is not great. Never was in truth.

As you know I see through everything and everyone (a gift and a bloody course) but once again, these are only humans, these people tonight in Dallas. Everyone makes mistakes.

Let’s look at what a fight we had in Dallas tonight. Put the incompetence aside for now. Don’t worry. We’ll come back to it.

Consider this, just for now.

The total number of punches thrown by both fighters was 2,519 in tonight’s boxing.

Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t lie.

The above punch stat is quite astonishing.

A fight that will live long into the memory of boxing fans indeed.


Estrada vs Gonzalez 2

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