Many a boxing fan will remember the Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson fight almost twenty years ago now.

Good times. Happy days.

Back in 2002 in Memphis, Tennesse.

Going into the bout the perceived volatility of one of the participants seen to be so adverse that the bout had issues even getting a place to host it.

Alas, even after a press conference brawl and various unpleasant words exchanged.

A venue was found in the end.

‘The Pyramid’ no less.

Lennox Lewis beat down an older version of Mike Tyson and stopped him inside the distance on the night.

A different time for both men in their careers but a very impressive display by Lewis nonetheless.

Solidifying his status as one of the great heavyweight champions in boxing history.

Here’s how he did it:

Nowadays the pair are on more friendly terms.

Indeed, Lewis agreed with something Tyson said recently that got a lot of engagement from people around the world:

Very powerful stuff.

Here’s the full clip on ‘HotBoxin with Mike Tyson YouTube’ (hat tip):

Controlling anger and forgiving key to life, surely. There is only one God and God’s wrath is for God alone to use, no one else.

The hardest thing of all though in life, forgiving. Also, patience with dumb and unintelligent people is not easy. Important to be patient and kind even though it is not easy sometimes. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Humans are all we’ve got at the end of the day. Be good to one another.


Looking Back On The Gold Of Muhammad Ali and Parkinson

Looking Back On The Gold Of Muhammad Ali And Parkinson

There’s no alternative in the end.

As if you don’t forgive hate will eat you up inside and then evil wins. Not good. Overcome evil with good.

From a purely logic standpoint, even taking spirituality out of it all together.

Not doing the above is also a counter productive action and behavior that hurts you. Not helps you. There is no common sense in such a recurring modus operandi.


Muhammad Ali Was Way Ahead Of His Time Looking Back From 2021

Muhammad Ali Was Way Ahead Of His Time Looking Back From 2021

Even forgiving some of your own people who betrayed you from birth. Who covered up information with deceit stopping and prohibiting certain family members from ever meeting one another.

Before they left this Earth.

Those actions can never be undone or taken back. Nothing will fully ever repair that broken trust, heart ache and loss. It is unexplainable in words. Life just gets a bit easier as time goes on by trusting in God. The motivation and root reason of starting this website in the very first place many years ago, under a different website originally nearly a decade ago.


Son Of Boxing Legend Goes 19-0 and Continues To Roll On

Watch: Son Of Boxing Legend Goes 19-0 And Continues To Roll On

Finally meeting in heaven at the end of this life the ultimate prize of all. Prize fighters fight for prizes. No matter who you are there’s many attainable prizes out there. No matter what you are fighting for.

Alas, Mother’s Day in Europe and the US the two worst days of all. Every year. They never get easier. Every single year. Many suffering out there but this always helps below. Just remember you can meet again one day in heaven:

All the dark years of hurting yourself, self-sabotage and abusing one’s self. Gone. Out of your head. Not present or there at all. Blackouts and memory loss. Gone forever. Sadly, totally out of one’s head. All of it, never fills that empty void in the end. Only God does. Life isn’t meant to be easy. It never was. It can be good though. That’s a fact of life. Discipline, sacrifice and determination all key components on the journey of life. Enjoying it and having success along the way. Whatever that means to you. You control your book of life you are writing. Your own narrative in said endeavor. One second at a time.


Boxing Just Keeps Getting Stronger As A Sport Despite World Situation

Boxing Just Keeps Getting Stronger As A Sport Despite World Situation

You are you. You can do whatever you think you can do. If you really put your mind to it and put in the work, that is. Mortal humans are only limited by their own thinking and work ethic in the end. What is it some Swiss gentleman said. You are what you choose to become. Not what happened to you. True. Too bad some humans don’t get this before it is too late. Put God first, have God in your heart, work hard and adjust your thinking and you can do whatever you want. You can have whatever it is you want in life. Seen it happen time and time again. For real.

If you really want to be one of life’s true survivors, the best way, by far, to do it, is by believing in, turning to and trusting God.

Each to their own though, respectfully. Never judge anyone regardless of race, religion or creed. Only God can be the final judge.


Irish American boxing legend would have been a handful for anyone today

Irish American Boxing Legend Would Have Been A Handful For Anyone Today

The price for your new life is moving on from your old one. You have to, in the end.

Turning pain and anger inwards to avoid hurting others and constantly, selflessly to save others and help others no good either. There is a balance to everything. You must put yourself first and save yourself before helping anyone else. What is it again they say about putting on an oxygen mask first when a plane is crashing. Ultimately, you can’t save anyone other than yourself first. God will judge you individually at the end of the day in the Book of Life.


Sonny Liston One Of The Most Talented and Revered Quiet Fighters Ever

Sonny Liston One Of The Most Talented And Revered Quiet Fighters Ever

Individually. Before anyone else. God is the only thing that can fix all mortal humans. Absolutely nothing, nothing or no one else. Even some of God’s best champions in humanity’s antiquity have taken severe losses. And comeback stronger. Keep going. The end result makes humans not only stronger. But also kinder and better people in societies if they try to learn and improve every day of their lives. No one has all the answers and you’d be unwise to think otherwise (pardon the pun).

Alas, betrayal the only thing hard to forgive and move on from in the end.

They are not stupid though and know now that no other international nation government allies, agents of the State, private individuals, proficient humans of combat and defense, organizations, judge, prison, police, military personnel, humans of science, or anything, or anyone on this Earth can help them now other than God, as ultimately, life is short. Most don’t realize how short. God is in control when all is said and done.

Each to their own. Everyone’s beliefs are their own, individually.


We Made It To Mexico Baby – Photos

They’ll think twice before messing with certain people or family members again. Now that they finally get the message and understand they’d be smashed like clay pots and crushed within seconds. There is a balance to everything and weighing things up with scales for is sought appropriately at times in life. One can’t just stand by and observe injustice.

All we can do is forgive and try never say a bad word of anyone. It is good to be respectful with others and have manners. It costs nothing at the end of the day.

You have been forgiven. Now you are free.


Ringside Angle Of Muhammad Ali Grandson Knockout

Watch: Ringside Angle Of Muhammad Ali Grandson Knockout

Indeed, all followers and true believers in God are regarded as saints (hundreds of millions of them) and the word church is just an extension for a term for all of God’s people (not a physical building or place). In the original Christian without denomination Bible and scripture.

You’ll never find the word ‘religion’ in the original Bible anywhere. Something God never made up, just some word and concept made up by limited humans, ah yeah, good old humans like to screw with things every now and then. God love them.

Now, Greek word ‘threskeia’ is in the New Testament. Some have translated that to religion but others say it was used as a phrase of praise and not understood as the concept of religion in today’s times.

Tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of angels out there too. Not just a few.


George Foreman Is Spot On About Muhammad Ali

George Foreman Is Spot On About Muhammad Ali

One thinks of the following in that regard:

If God be for us, who can be against us?”

Also from the Bible — direct from Jesus Christ himself, the son of God:

The Scriptures also say,Don’t try to test the Lord your God.”

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs of course. Once again, each to their own.

Freedom of all religions is an international legal right at the end of the day.


Boxing Strong In The Heart Of Mexico Despite World Situation

Boxing Strong In The Heart Of Mexico Despite World Situation

Crucially, moreover, mutual respect for all people in all nations regardless of anything or any differences is key also as a human moral obligation.

Under Christianity we are commanded to love all people in all nations by God. Let people do whatever they want if it is legal as long as they do not harm one another.

No one knows everything other than God.


90 Years Ago Boxing Legend Bowed Out With Knockout

90 Years Ago Boxing Legend Bowed Out With Knockout

We were right all along. God wants one to chase the dream at the end of the day. Put God first, work hard, reject the devil in all his ways and false promises, and keep going.

Never forget this in life. Ever.

You do what’s right for you, your future wife and your family settling and establishing in the country or place wherever the heck you are. Where you consider home first. Home is where the heart is at the end of the day. Before you can help anyone else after that. Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever. Winners never quit. Never. This particular founder of the modern sweet science Jim Corbett knew all about it in boxing:

(Hat tip Reznick Boxing YouTube)

We all have to bare our cross but there is always light — not darkness — at the end of the tunnel. Make no mistake about it.

All that said, never claimed to be perfect (never met someone who was either). One must love God more than you love yourself. The only way we know to get to God is through the son. Trusting in God never lets you down. Works every time.

You can’t take life, any of this stuff or yourself too seriously though. At the end of the day. You’ve got to laugh sometimes.

Everyone’s beliefs are their own individually. Each to their own.

When all is said and done after that, just some nobody here loving life.


Sugar Ray Leonard reacts to a classic photo with Muhammad Ali

Sugar Ray Leonard Reacts To Photo With Two Boxing Legends

Happy doing what we love to do everyday with the people that matter and country that matters.

Sometimes in life also you just have to dig down deep like the badger and find the strength from God to pull yourself out of a mentally dark place back into the light.

We carry on. Great fights ahead in boxing soon.

Lewis and Tyson certainly do know some stuff about life above though. For sure.

Praying for people rather than talking about them more wisdom informed — as regards the above advice from Tyson and Lewis.

God in control of all this life stuff ultimately.

Just have to keep the faith, forgive and keep being good to one another.


What Attributes Would Have Created The Perfect Fighter

What Attributes Would Have Created The Perfect Fighter?

All you can do it your best and be good to one another. Regardless of differences to live in peace. What’s more important than that, ultimately?

What’s the alternative, what more can anyone do at the end of the day.

Got to love it. The old journey of ups and downs and test of life.

Some great knowledge dropped from Lewis and Tyson above on the subject above.

Boxing and life geniuses the two of them. Quality stuff. Very enjoyable podcast recently.


33-Year-Old Olympic Gold Medalist In Shock Early Retirement

33-Year-Old Olympic Gold Medalist In Shock Early Retirement

The world seems to be getting back on its feet again slowly but surely at the moment. Great to see, saw that Canadian clinical psychologist shrink doing well again recently with his health. Very good, had a funny old sense he’d come along with his thinking. Ah yeah, he’ll be grand. He’ll get there in the end. God and the Bible doesn’t have to be complicated, amigo. Wisdom and understanding is required. Sometimes the literature, science or popular flavor of the month ideas are irrelevant. Temporary fad concepts that get thrown in the garbage quick don’t explain everything. Call it destiny. The universe. Genius. Energy. Vibes. Karma. Whatever. Each to their own.


Boxing News And Views In Mexico Photos 2

Sometimes things are a little strange. A tad anti-social at times, perhaps. Odd. Ambiguous. Fascinating. Can’t quite put a label on. Undefinable, or what have you. One suspects good people around the world shall arise at the appropriate time during these crazy times in many years ahead. As time goes on. Things can’t always be bad. Invariably, life is good. There is more good than bad. Peace, kindness and love is the only answer to these crazy times. Love conquers all. All we have is one another. Simple. Some things don’t have to be understood or be able to be explained.


2021 olympics

2021 Olympics Bright Light Of Hope And A Success For Boxing

Once again, respectfully, each to their own, don’t know anything of course, just some nobody here who loves boxing as much as ever. Not the politics though. Or any politics for that matter. All meaningless, irrelevant nonsense.

Boxing finally back up and running now in 2021. More to come in the summer. Now that there is finally more to talk about in the sport after the horrific slow time due to the world situation that saw boxing put on hold for so long, let’s enjoy the boxing again moving forward.


Tyson Fury Reveals 10 Different Times He Was Written Off

Tyson Fury Reveals 10 Different Times He Was Written Off

Plenty to look forward to in the sport again. Great fights and good times ahead, always the way.

Always a lot to be thankful for.

Don’t worry about tomorrow. We’re only promised today.

No one is better than anyone else. We’re all only just passing through here temporarily when all is said and done.

No one knows about that day or hour.


mike tyson punching power

Mike Tyson Reveals The Secret To His Punching Power