Looking Back On Gatti vs Ward During The Current World Situation

Looking Back On Gatti vs Ward During The Current World Situation

Recently on a flight it got me thinking back on the movie ‘The Fighter’.

Starring Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg and others.

Damn, took around twelve days to shake off that extreme jetlag after three or four days days of non-stop travel.

Finally eating right and looking after myself for the first time in life also. Only took me nearly 33 years. Better late than never I suppose.

No more hurting myself, self sabotaging, abusing my body or mind or turning my pain on myself as opposed to taking it out on others to save others. Everything under control and in balance now. God brought me back in the end thankfully. Knew he would. You can’t live your life just purely for others. Certainly those who done you or your family wrong. Forgive them and move on. I know certainly one voluntary business and administration won’t suggest anything or mess with a certain family in their lifetime again, in their rapidly declining now corrupted and now subtly satanic influenced business. That’s it for them. Or risk going out of business permanently next time. For keeps, and forever next time. There will be no next time.

Love everyone and all people of course, that’s what Christianity teaches one, regardless of anything, or any differences, and friendly and respectful with all people but when it comes to your small handful of real actual friends (that you can count usually on just one or two hands if you are lucky) and starting your own family, you choose them, they are your people and are private. I’ll stick with the Christians thanks very much. Business is business other than that. Good luck to some subtle con artists from the past, we put some watching and tracking straight back on you and were watching you, not the other way round, all along you chumps. Mess with me or my family again and their businesses will be taken out for good next time, not just minorly fooked up like before. They get the message now. That’s it for them.

Can’t worry about anyone outside of you and your own family first. At the end of the day. You got to look after you and your family wife kids etc. to get sorted and established first in the country you want to live in etc. or wherever the heck you are. Fook that, worry about yourself for a damn change. Particularly in these times.

How can you help or protect anyone else before you can help or protect you and your family first, no guilt or no regrets fook that. Time to settle down now. Soon no more travel unless it’s in all the States of America, done the whole fooking cheap budget travel thing now, sick of it. America only place I’d live in where my work is. We’re only promised today anyway of course and you can be gone at anytime in the blink of an eye. Finito. Adios. In one single second. Gone.

These times have shown that to the world. Life could end at any single moment. Just enjoy it and trust it for for what is. A journey and a test from God.

Don’t count the days make the days count, as Ali said.

This last couple of weeks has an been an extremely exhausting physical and final mental process but was worth it. Just got to get back stronger physically now and get closer to God every single day now from here on out.

All good.

Thinking back to that plane journey the topic of Ward came up.

But, when I think of him, I instantly think of Arturo Gatti straight away.

Obviously the real life story of Irish American boxer Micky Ward an inspirational one in the previously referred screenplay.

Particularly for the vast majority of all people who are suffering and struggling around the world at the moment.

For obvious reasons due to the world situation.

All humans have issues at some point in life, ultimately.

Anyone’s perception of the term happiness or contentment will always differ in human to human. It’s not ubiquitous or able to be labelled or defined unilaterally.

It is individual at the end of the day as all human beings, men and women, young and old, are different. God built things that way.

Ultimately, this thing doesn’t last forever. Life that is. Very short. It goes by quickly.

But sometimes in life, like in boxing, it’s times like this where real people stand up and show their heart.

How’s your ole ticker?

When I think of fighters who had big hearts, names like Arturo Gatti, Mickey Ward, Ricky Hatton, Steve Collins, Rocky Marciano, Marco Antonio Barrera, Scott Harrison, Roberto Duran and others come to mind.

Off the top of the ole head.

Loads more though. They are just some of the first ones that come to mind.

Outside of Ali, who was just different to everyone by default, Canadian-Italian Gatti always top of the list after Ali for me.

Just in my own mythical worthless list from a purely heart, grit, blood and guts standpoint.

What he went through in the ring and his ability to persevere and dig down deep was something rarely seen in a boxing ring.

I know later in life alcohol and substances sadly played a part for him.

That said, I’ll never believe he killed himself to be honest that time in Brazil where he died in 2009.

Whoever was responsible will have to live with what they did and unless they repent and turn to God now before it is too late, that will be it for them.

I believe his own brother said he never thought Gatti killed himself either in separate investigations that took place later.

A terrible loss to the sport and the world but even at tough times like this for the world much can be taken from his boxing career and life.

Gone but never forgotten.

This fight always worth a watch on the demonstration of heart, enjoy:

(Hat tip HBO Boxing YouTube)


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