You know, the risks that some of these boxers take, and indeed fighters across the board, to make a better life for themselves and their families, are considerable.

It never ceases to amaze how often after doing this that a small sub section of fans can ridicule or kick some of them when they are down.

Female Irish American boxer and former MMA fighter Heather Hardy it appears has been on the receiving end of some of this:

Don’t worry Heather.

Women’s boxing is an interesting place at the moment in that it is in a bit of limbo.

It doesn’t seem to have taken off as much as some would have hoped and the only way to remedy this is by making the fights fans want to see.

The platforms and general interest and money is certainly there at the highest level in boxing now, and growing.

The good news is there are plenty of fights out there to make of genuine worth.

For the first time in ages the standard of women’s boxing is actually quite good to watch.

It’s a case of just making the fights at this point.

I know it doesn’t get as much coverage as it probably should.

We’d definitely cover it more if the standard of match making improved in America.

Some great female fighters out there to be fair.

Possibly a big year for other names like Katie Taylor, Savanah Marshall, Cecilia Braekhus (who takes on the next name next up) Jessica McCaskill, Claressa Shields, the Serrano sisters.

Some names off the top of the ole head.

Once again, if the compelling match ups can be made and marketed appropriately.

Boxing is in a great place at the moment and this could be leveraged to help women’s boxing on some of these cards, surely.


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