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Watch: Hitting The Heavy Bag Benefits Video Instructional

Hitting the heavy bag benefits are plentiful to boxers at all levels.

This is one of the best grass roots boxing workouts for beginner and intermediate boxers. particularly at the moment given the difficult world situation.

If you can get to a local amateur boxing gym or have a heavy bag at home this workout can have many advantages for physical and mental health.

Here coach Pat Barry of Barry’s Boxing Las Vegas breaks down some of the hitting the heavy bag benefits:

(Hat tip Fit Builders YouTube)

There you have it.

So many hitting the heavy bag benefits in the above and more.

Repetition of form.

Consistency of punching.



Punching power.

Building muscle and training impact on the wrists and fore arms.

Footwork and being cognizant of hitting and moving while visualizing an opponent in front of you and return fire.

Moving the head and changing the angles, circling and getting in and out of range.

Keeping the heart rate up.

Getting used to being under pressure in and dealing with stressful situations in real time.

For example if at home you have a timer on your phone in between rounds to set off an alarm you can simulate just one minute rests in between rounds.

See how long you can last.

It is not easy.

Do this every day and it will help your stress levels and physical health at the moment during the world situation.


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