Interesting Decision Made On Povetkin vs Whyte Rematch

Interesting Decision Made On Povetkin vs Whyte Rematch

The sport of boxing has been forced to adapt and think on its feet at the moment.

Given the changing dynamic nature of the world situation.

In many ways, boxing has positioned itself as one of the most inspiring sports both at amateur and professional levels for humanity during the last year or so.

At amateur grassroots level staying fit and healthy mentally and physically during an extremely stressful time for everyone.

At pro level for inspiration, demonstration of the required resolve of human character needed to endure life’s ups and downs and overcome adversity — and moreover, taking people’s minds off things with great fights to watch.

Even look at boxing’s return last year in the Las Vegas fight bubble on ESPN with promoters Top Rank.

In many ways that showed boxing’s pioneering ability to survive the times.

It set precedence worldwide for all professional sport.

How? In terms of providing a blueprint moving forward.

Not just in sport either.

But even for events.

Same with many other promoters like Matchroom and Premier Boxing Champions events.

Showing how to create a sustainable event sport industry even in these times.

Boxing has actually grown in some respects even in these times. I don’t many other sports can say that worldwide.

It tells you all about the sport of boxing, it’s inspiring athletes and hard working administrators.

Look at the fights in Texas too that were put on successfully with limited crowd numbers in recent times.

Not many sports have been able to do what boxing has done when all is said and done.

Many others also have innovated in other ways in boxing.

Be it in studio environments or other bubble scenarios.

The ability to persevere even in the hardest of situations that has taken tolls on the minds and health of many shows how special boxers really are — ultimately.

The ability to fight and overcome all challenges an important message for humanity at the moment.

An ability to adapt needed.


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One such fight has shown this characteristic next month in a geographical new way.

The upcoming Alexander Povetkin vs Dillian Whyte rematch has had to adapt again to stay afloat.

A move has now been made to bring the fight to Gibraltar.

Maybe not known to many but something that has been able to have been brought about quickly and safely.

A British territory in the southern point of Spain.

A move that has shown how flexible and agile boxing has needed to be during these times.

As things stand at the time of this article it will happen on March 27th.

First time around the bout ended in knockout victory for Russian heavyweight Povetkin over British heavyweight Whyte.

That said, Whyte was winning at the time of stoppage in the eyes of many.

An indicative testament to the nature of heavyweight boxing.

But also similarly and comparatively, like the cultural and sporting significance and importance of boxing at the moment, referenced herein, Whyte is going straight back in and persevering.

Fair play.

Backing himself and rolling the dice.

Some great action to look forward to next month.

Indeed — this weekend even with Canelo Alvarez.

Making his first appearance of 2021 live on DAZN Saturday night in Florida.

Regarding Whyte vs Povetkin, for those that may not have seen their first fight last year check it out here:

(Hat tip Matchroom Boxing YouTube)


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