Max Kellerman’s Reaction To Valdez vs Berchelt Evokes Mixed Response

Renowned pro sport pundit Max Kellerman has got people talking once again with his punditry.

Some very good knowledge indeed on the sport but never observant of politics or any other garbage in the sport, for the most part, refreshingly.

Politics and debate all garbage in our view.

Could care less.

Just rebuke any of that stuff but heck, boxing fans sure as heck like to debate though.

Last weekend’s performance from Oscar Valdez really awoken many fight and casual sport fans across the board.

Here’s Kellerman’s take on it:

Thankfully Berchelt was okay.

One thing though that seems to be a slight hinderance in the above with some boxing fans is that they believed the fight should have been stopped sooner.

There might be a point there in fairness.

That balance is always a tough one though for the referee who’s doing a thankless job in there to protect the fighters.

Stop it too early and face back lash.

Stop it too late and get the same — but as well — risk the health of a fighter.

There is the school of thought too in a championship fight for the world championship at the end of the day that a boxer should be given every chance.

Weighing up everything and balancing everything fight by fight, case by case, the job of an experienced referee ultimately.


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