Respected boxing trainer and pundit Teddy Atlas has been on the rampage in his own unique way again.

As per usual on any notable weekend of big fights.

A man never afraid to give his opinion.

A passionate individual that shows in the quality of his work and genuine care for the sport and its brave participants.

This weekend Adrien Broner returned to action after a couple of years not really boxing at all.

Granted, the last year or so in the current world situation with limited opportunity anyway it should pointed out.

To be fair to Broner.

Atlas was not happy with what he saw with the scorecards however:

I think what Teddy means there, as do some others in the sport, is that they are surprised to see Broner keep getting all these big pay days and fight opportunities despite not impressing in the ring in recent years.

While there may exist a school of thought for that, it is not our place to debate or kick a man when he’s down and I would suggest to those wiser than me, a certain very wise American gentleman advising Mr. Broner no less, to have a chat with him this week when he is back in training to keep him on track.

He needs to stay in the gym and his family around him at the end of the day.

If he wants to get back to where he was in the sport of boxing and in life.

As for the big pay days, you can’t begrudge any pro boxer getting paid really.

To be fair.

They are taking the ultimate risk at the end of the day and boxing, like everything in this world, is a business.

Broner is a still big name with commercial value as pertaining to appropriate market value.

Subject to change compensation for the fruits of his labor.

It is up to him now if he really wants to take things serious or not for the last few years of his career.

Certainly dropping some weight will be key.


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