Canelo Reacts To Oscar Valdez Knockout Of Miguel Berchelt

Mexican boxing is on fire at the moment in terms of big stars breaking through in professional boxing.

Aside from that even, the action in Mexico itself going on the last year or so during the world situation has gone on under the radar to many but excellent fights there as well.

Mexico really is the best country in the world for boxing in my view in terms of the fighters it produces.

When the going gets tough the tough get bloody going damn it and Mexico and Mexican boxers have shown this the last year or so in boxing. The results speak for themselves.

Very inspiring to be fair.

It’s always a tough subject regarding who is the best country for producing fighters but the proof is in the pudding.

Eastern Europe and the UK were strong for a while but during the tough times for the world it’s the Americans and Mexicans at the end of the day for me who have stood the test of time when all is said and done.

Obviously other great fight nations include the likes of Ireland, England, Russia, the Ukraine, Puerto Rico as well as many other great nations around the world of course.

That’s the great thing about boxing. It is perhaps the most international sport on Earth that unites everyone.

In my humble opinion for me though, the top two for the above are America and Mexico.

In terms of the two that produce the very best fighters year in year out.

Very inspiring this last year or so from both in terms of what they have contributed to the sport.

During a dreadful time for all professional sport and society across the world in truth.

Just look at all the new fighters in the sport breaking through whether American, Mexican or Mexican-American.

Particularly these last couple of years.

The top of the pile obviously pound for pound best of the best Canelo Alvarez.

He reacted to his fellow countryman Oscar Valdez’ win this weekend with:

Very good.

Alvarez returns to action himself next weekend in Miami, Florida.

A bout that should close out a solid month for the sport.

Momentum gaining all the time again in boxing.

Boxing is going nowhere no matter what.

If you look at the history of the sport you’ll realize boxing is one of life’s great survivors.

Roll on next weekend’s big fight.


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