Recently there has been a lot of talk in the sport of boxing relating to the need to wait until more fans in attendance are allowed back.

In that, this needs to happen before making big fights happen once again.

But, is it all that reasonable to continue to ask?

Point being.

The recent numbers that the Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia did in Texas in terms of gate revenue generated.

According to State filings at the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, the event generated $2,641,475.00 in gate receipts.

In a time where there was limited spectators actually allowed into the AT&T Stadium that evening in question, December 5th 2020, the above wasn’t bad.

All things considering with where the world is and any professional sport is at the moment.

Surely as the capacities for crowd attendances get nearer the 50% mark and closed circuit becomes an added revenue again in bars and restaurants, coupled with demand for big boxing events off the hook at the moment, there should be sufficient return for a Spence vs Crawford fight this year?

Perhaps increase the ticket price slightly, too.

Surely all things considering with the revenue it would do on pay per view would then be enough to pay both fighters.

Not forgetting additional sponsorship and advertising spots on a dual network distribution.

Time will tell but the above is quite encouraging.


Mike Tyson Is Very Correct On An Important Assumption

Mike Tyson Is Very Correct On An Important Assumption