You could say the whole era of celebrity Starbucks boxing really picked up a few years back.

Mainly when Floyd Mayweather boxed Conor McGregor in Las Vegas.

McGregor’s first professional fight in the sport of boxing at the time.

A spirited display but one that ultimately saw Mayweather run out winner.

Comfortably inside the distance when he stepped on the gas.

Since then, a whole host of mixed martial arts fighters and YouTube celebrities have been linked to boxing.

Or in some cases, actually involved in the sport of boxing on a pro level.

The thing is though, Mayweather vs McGregor had somewhat of a story line.

Both were considered near the best in one another’s respective sports.

Last year, even during the situation for the world, events in boxing were sponsored by Conor McGregor’s ‘Proper 12’ whiskey brand.

A hugely successful venture in America in particular.


Claressa Shields Taking A Punch Out Of Fellow Boxer's Locker

Claressa Shields Taking A Punch Out Of Fellow Boxer’s Locker

Following Floyd Mayweather celebrating his 44th birthday McGregor said the following on social media:

“Happy birthday Floyd! We miss you on the Forbes.”

Clearly the two guys are good friends behind the scenes.

It looks like all along they have been using social media to prop one another up for publicity all this time.

McGregor’s reaction above and him sponsoring boxing events somewhat affiliated with Mayweather’s company last year says a lot.

Fair play. Can’t knock good business.

One wouldn’t be surprised if these two are involved in some sort of exhibition down the line.

McGregor has been heavily linked with a boxing bout against Manny Pacquiao.

However he lost inside the distance in his own sport of MMA recently.

Likely it will be a while before he is back in a boxing ring.

He has gone on record saying he would like to fight for a boxing world title before he retires.

Time will tell if that objective is executed upon.

Anything is possible but you’d have to say he will need to get back to winning ways in his own sport first.


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