Adrien Broner As Raw and Uncut As Ever Before First Fight Of 2021

Adrien Broner As Raw and Uncut As Ever Before First Fight Of 2021

Adrien Broner goes back to work this weekend in his first bout of 2021.

A fight that was scheduled for 140 lbs. but alas, Broner didn’t appear to be on track for that with the fight at thte last minute moved back to 147 lbs.

Broner has been more dedicated however in comparison to recent years by all counts.

After a controversial few years with various legal problems and spats outside of the ring, it now appears that Broner, is gradually getting back to the life of a professional fighter.

Hence on the word ‘gradually’.

Some of these comments show he’s still as raw and uncut as old AB ever was:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Good to hear he’s cleaning up his act a bit though with the partying, drinking and women.

Very honest at parts above about his new focused approach to his career and life.

Indeed, women quite literally the hardest of all addictions for many in the end always hard to say no to them, the power they have over us men at times more than most care to admit in truth.

Discernment required when it comes to the term ‘the devil once wore sheep’s clothing’ to avoid manipulation, definitely go for the nice girls with good hearts and good on the inside as well as on the outside. Not the dark hearted ones. God loves everyone of course but you got to do what’s right for you and your family at the end of the day.

Discipline is required as Broner appears to get now. Finally.

Do whatever you have to fookin do Broner.

Look at the ground in grocery store checkouts if in close contact with women etc. have to stay disciplined before these fights.

Just save it for your wife/girlfriend you knucklehead.

Not sure if we’ll actually see him back down at 140 lbs. He’ll need a couple of fights one could suggest on the way back to his old fight form, surely.

Realistically this is where he should be at. Perhaps even at 135lbs could be more beneficial.

He was never a welterweight. No way. Far more effective in the lighter weights years ago.

If Broner can make changes and improvements it should act as a good barometer for fighters around the world.

Particularly at this challenging time for a lot of people.

Clean diet and discipline tough in the beginning but well worth it for your mental health.

Not to mention the physical benefits.

Cutting bloody red meat out of diet recently having huge benefits in clearer thinking I’m also noticing for what it’s worth.

Running also really regulating the central nervous system much better too.

Not as mean and as aggressive as much and more balanced now when in this disciplined clean life consequently.

Each to their own but clean living and eating the only way for me anyway, the odd chocolate and vanilla ice cream and working out the only vices I have now.

So many allergies ironed out in the working on myself process the last couple of years.

Very happy with the end product and result now. The machine has been reoptimized and reprogrammed now.

Powered by an unbreakable trust and personal relationship with God directly. Thanks to the people in all these poor places this last while as I came back to life and have hope again, going home to America the only thing that kept me going but very grateful for all the help on the way, nothing special about me, yes the old mind is unique but the heart was stronger in the end, very grateful to still be here.

Stronger than ever again somehow did over 500lbs. on leg press in some random Bulgarian joint last week.

Kind of miss the old Bulgarians a little bit but got to go home to America soon, the old Bulgarians very unique, I see how they were helping me now all along. I know a lot of other countries give them a hard time or whatever, please give them a pass. They’re grand, they are harmless.

Different to the Russians and Ukranians and their own unique country the old Bulgarians.

Was pretty cool to stay in a shared Russian household recently, would have been lost also without the Ukraine the last year or so — my peoples big respect — God bless you all, legends.

I know the world is in a messed up place with loads of weird stuff going on, very questionable ethics from Google too with firing a lot of staff recently on AI, I’m sure Google/Alphabet will now see negative impacts to their share price, investment and balance sheet in due course as a consequence, ethics are key if they want to survive moving forward.

Whatever about the darkness let people do what they want as long as they do not harm one another, if people don’t want to believe in God and they want to go to hell and not heaven, that is their business at the end of the day.

Just remember, this life is very short (miniscule in the grand scheme of things) and can end at anytime but eternity is forever. Think about that. God in control as always, not a bother.

Respectfully, each to their own.

Heck, all in all, life is good 🙂 Looking forward to finally going home to America shortly. Thank God.

Era, if I have to do another ten thousand more of these self-isolation lockdown things bring it on, not a bother, life is grand now.

Got my people and family in America now. All this lockdown garbage will pass (eventually).

Keep the faith people, things always get better, everything playing out as of the beginning of the Book of Revelations at the end of the New Testament in my humble opinion.

Just on a quick final pit stop on route home. In the heart of Muslim country in Turkey at the moment.

Epic. Class place and lovely people.

Great to be around our great friends the Jews and Muslims this last year of ultra cheap travel on the way home to America, didn’t plan it obviously with the way the world went, hanging in there and barely surviving over did again on giving away what money I did have to poor people a bit too much in some of these countries, lesson learned need to pay attention again, weird the way it worked out but all the Mosques, Synagogues, Basilicas, Churches all very cool to see in some of these really poor but wonderful and beautiful countries and places.

As for Mr. Broner above, keep staying disciplined and surround yourself with people who want you to win if success is the objective.

One thinks of this tune in that regard (All I Do Is Win):

Broner goes back to work Saturday night against Jovanie Santiago live on Showtime.

He’ll need to look impressive and go straight back into training after this realistically.

If he’s to get down in weight.

Training all the time every day and activity is key. Fook rest, you can rest when your dead.

In order to get his timing back and be involved in legit fights at 140 lbs. or 135 lbs. down the road.

All in all, tough time at the moment for everyone understandably with what is going on in the world.

Keep being good to one another and keep the faith.

Roll on this weekend’s boxing, really looking forward to it.


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