Compubox Happy Gilmore Video Gets People Talking

Compubox Happy Gilmore Video Gets People Talking

It’s being a painfully slow start to the year for boxing in truth.

That said, this weekend puts an end to that with a host of excellent action across the board.

As well as much more this month and again next month and in April.

In the middle of this final quiet time for boxing, the long respected fight statistics organization Compubox have done something rather unique that has grabbed a lot of attention.

Modern boxing science meets cult classic ‘Happy Gilmore’ as boxing science crosses over into new pop culture ground here:

For any other overgrown kids, they’ll appreciate the humor of that.

Quite brilliant.

On a serious boxing note, good to see Compubox still going strong in the sport after all these years.

35 years and counting now in their particular niche.

While many have tried to copy them, and to an extent provided decent services too, there’s only one Compubox in my humble opinion.

The best of the best at what they do.

Providing real time statistics and punch numbers for most major fights in the sport of boxing.

Keep up the good work.