Andre Ward Spot On About A Boxing Fact Of Life After Brutal Knockout

Andre Ward Spot On About A Boxing Fact Of Life

Boxing is a game of skill and science.

A thinking man’s game at its core, it always was.

When the sweet science is put on display at its best there’s nothing like it.

You will hear the term a good defense if a good offence frequently in the sport but its merits are steadfeast and factual.

Visa versa too.

This past weekend a slow motion knockout on the Top Rank card shows how defense was quickly turned into offense to deliver a perfectly timed blow.

Former pound for pound number one Andre Ward put it well:

Boxing poetry in motion right there.

When boxing is good it is quite simply unbelievable.

Untouchable as a sport.

So many things come together in it all in the one to deliver one of the most entertaining spectacles still available to the wider public today.

The above testament to as much.

Jared Anderson improved his record with the above to 8-0 8 KO with the above.

Full steam ahead now, skill and punching power a potent mix for this double Gold US National Champion.

21-years-old only so at heavyweight no need to rush him at the moment.

Very exciting talent to look forward here though one gets the sense.

Five stoppages on the spin inside the MGM Bubble in Las Vegas since this whole situtaion started for the world.

Hats off to the old chaps at Top Rank in fairness, they keep finding these gems time after time again in the sport.

The Ohio native appears to have a very, very bright future in the sport indeed.