Deontay Wilder Only Interested In 3 Fights Before Retiring

deontay wilder only interested in 3 fights before retiring

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has had quite the career to date.

No matter what anyone says.

A man who did things his own way to be fair and got to the top.

He’s on the home stretch over the coming years perhaps of his heavyweight career and understandably is looking at just the big fighters.

In various quarters he’s left it known those being Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz and Tyson Fury.

No mention of Dillian Whyte or some other contenders but the three above all good fights.

Obviously he’s already fought Fury twice so he wants to get that one back.

But stylistically a fight with Joshua in particular would be unreal when you consider how they match up.

A really engaging battle, possibly one of the most explosive style match ups at heavyweight in years.

Andy Ruiz too would be a very fun fight to see.

Ruiz never takes a backwards step and would surely meet Wilder toe to toe with bombs in the center of the ring.

Ruiz would probably be the easiest one of the three to actually make this year too.

With Joshua and Fury set to take on one another later in the year next up.

A Wilder vs Ruiz fight would be big in America in particular — would do tremendous numbers on pay per view.


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