Viral Video Portrays Spence vs Crawford Saga Perfectly

Terence Crawford Reacts To Errol Spence Beating Ugas

If boxing is to have a good year in 2021, which it will, two fights perhaps need to happen more than any.

Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua.

And Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford.

These are two fights that both from a holding within the sport context and mainstream perspective will grow the sport.

As for the latter, talks continue to rumble on.

One gets the impression that negotiations have started again but until large crowds come back maybe some are holding off on the fight.

Just get it made in Texas and increase the ticket price to make up the difference.

The demand for people wanting to go to the fight in the State will be huge.

Lest we not forgot how big and powerful a State Texas really is, after all.

Plenty from Omaha would pay big money to travel too.

As for closed circuit revenue, okay, bars and restaurants might not be open yet but there’s still a lot of money to be made in the bout.

Never get too greedy. Greed, another word for selfishness — is a killer.

More importantly it will show who is the best boxer pound for pound in the world today.

What an advert it would be for the entire sport of boxing during a troubling time for all sports.

Perhaps this viral video which Spence himself laughed at summed up where things are at best:

Just get the damn fight on already.

I’m sure the Texans would love to host such an event.

Look at what they did for boxing last year.

This would be far bigger.

Something to really get the creative and production juices going also in a collaboration between ESPN and Fox Sports for all American sports fans.

Boxing could lead the way with this for the revival of all sports in America this year.

What an opportunity to capture the casual American sport fan’s imagination with a real throwback fight for boxing.


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