Official Pacquiao Manager Makes Big Claim On Some Dubious Information

Over the last week or so various reports, both on social media and elsewhere, purported that a Manny Pacquiao vs Ryan Garcia fight was close to being done.

However other than Garcia himself mentioning the fight was on, nothing credible from anyone else came.

Indeed some purporting to represent Pacquiao were blocked on social media by members of Garcia’s promotional company.

That raised eyebrows straight away.

The whole thing has left a very, very bad look.

Pacquiao’s representatives on their official Twitter account have now clarified the matter in their opinion.

Taking shots at some of boxing’s reprehensible characters and snakes.

Via their officially verified social media account:

Very interesting.

Eye opening stuff indeed.

Nice to see a professionally put together statement like that in the sport.

Refreshing. About bloody time this level of professionalism came to the sport of boxing.

Well overdue damn it.

Lots of snakes in boxing indeed pretending to be friends with one another. No good.

Pacquiao after working briefly with Al Haymon after leaving promoter Top Rank in recent years appeared on Premier Boxing Champions shows.

He now shares the same management team as UFC fight star Conor McGregor.

Talks surrounding a possible boxing showdown have been frequent in recent times.

McGregor recently lost in the UFC by knockout.

Whether this has an impact on a potential Pacquiao boxing match remains to be seen.

Pacquiao commented on McGregor’s loss last week so one could assume there is interest still there.

Good to see the clarification from a professional company on the matter above.

No doubt more will come from official Pacquiao and Garcia verified social media platforms in due course.

All in all, good to hear that Manny will be announcing his next fight in the coming weeks as per the above statement.


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