Mike Tyson Keeps It Real About The Sport Of Boxing After Jones Fight

Mike Tyson Keeps It Real About The Sport Of Boxing After Jones Fight

It was some showing this weekend between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr in fairness.

Two guys on the other side of fifty years of age were somehow able to have enough condition still to box for eight two-minute rounds.

Granted, Roy held quite a lot but in particular Tyson showed excellent cardio to keep the pace that he did bearing that in mind.

A draw seemed like the appropriate outcome given the charitable spirit of the exhibition.

That said Tyson deserved to win if it was a real fight.

But it wasn’t of course.

His new concept seems interesting and indeed following the fight he said he’s interested in having another one of these bouts again.

Interestingly, Mike appears to be in favor of having the celebrity boxing and YouTube star boxing element involved again.

An issue which has divided the boxing world.

Here he said after the fight:

(Hat tip Fight Hype)

Some solid points in terms of expanding boxing as a sport and product’s reach using these YouTube star people.

At the same time there has to be a balance in everything and I’d respectfully counter with some of the following.

Boxing as a sport isn’t an aging one demographic-wise.

Top Rank and ESPN proved that with some of the numbers the past year or so.

Also, I remember an old Irish fella once saying to me in my younger days, stick to your niche young man.


Mike Tyson's Reaction To Roy Jones Jr Fight Leaves The World In Stitches

Mike Tyson’s Reaction To Roy Jones Jr Fight Leaves The World In Stitches

Ahead of my thirty-third birthday next year and coming into the prime of my life as a man in the coming years ahead, stronger than ever, it still hits home.

You can’t change a product or business to the point where it loses the run of itself entirely and it loses its identity just for the sake of money.

Era, you might as well sell out completely then. You might as well accept any old business offer, any old woman or any old job offer at that point.

Never settle for second best. Life is too short. Turn them all down until you pick the right one and thing for you. I’ve seen it all. Trust me.


You’re not living for God, yourself or your own people otherwise..

Rather, just living for the marketing gimmicks, fake manipulation and bull of the world that it uses to distract and deceive people.

Consequently, long-term these type of businesses or people never last in the long-run.

Sure, boxing has a lot of offers and things in its ear at the moment with these kind of subject matters.

Evaluate them use appropriate wisdom, discernment and self-protection judgement on a case by case basis.

Weighing up the facts and merits of each case accordingly before formulating a balanced sensible decision.

Boxing has to always stay true to itself while having an open soul to the point of adding appropriate ventures that don’t tarnish what it is on an ad hoc basis.

What is boxing?

The sweet science, noble art but the hurt business at the highest level.

So, if boxing were to do this more regularly where it would end?

How many more of these YouTube guys would be on cards and even more new belts made?

How long would it be before one of these guys gets seriously hurt?

At what point is it even world championship boxing events anymore and just guys getting in a ring?

I do agree that there appears to be a time and a place for this but with the caveat that these guys are not world class boxers and are solely entertainers who are taking the sport seriously though.

Boxing is a serious business and not for everyone.

Once again, at this particular time, we are seeing more and more of this celebrity boxing.

But again, remember, this is nothing new and was done years ago as well with celebrity boxing events prior to the online era on TV.

All in all, I can’t help but think this weekend’s event overall was a very postitive thing.

Fair play to all involved.


Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Result Leaves People Stunned But Content

Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr Result Leaves People Stunned But Content