Mike Tyson’s Reaction To Roy Jones Jr Fight Leaves The World In Stitches

Mike Tyson's Reaction To Roy Jones Jr Fight Leaves The World In Stitches

In the early build-up months ago before tonight’s Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr fight the former combatant had one main concern.

Mike Tyson spoke about how he was worried as he got back into fight shape and turned the switch on again that his old ego would take over.

All humans have ego of course and as current definition would suggest it is only a sense of self, nothing more.

Perhaps therefore then it can only be controlled and is a necessary evil at times as humans get older.

Certainly for a pro boxer and anyone with genuine self-belief looking to excel at any given endeavor in life.

Tyson shouldn’t have had concerns about the previously mentioned, though.

His humility post-fight tonight testament to his evolution and transformation as a man.

This has proven to be a big hit with humanity tonight and won the hearts of many it would appear at both surface and genuine level:

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Another class act move from Jones afterwards too:

Very good.

For the full post-fight festivities check it out here on YouTube:

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