Crawford Breaks Silence Since Brook Win and Responds To Spence

Terence Crawford Breaks Silence Since Brook Win and He's Not Happy

Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford recorded arguably the most impressive win of his pro career this past weekend in Las Vegas but perhaps finds himself in a frustrating situation.

Taking out former world champion Kell Brook inside four rounds in front of a huge audience on ESPN should make this a great time for Crawford you’d think.

Instead he finds himself in a spot that he’s found himself in for years now.

Trying to get those big fights.

Namely the one against fellow pound for pound rated star Errol Spence of Texas.

Crawford, native of Omaha, Nebraska has spoken out on Twitter following his win this past weekend:

Since the fight his rival Spence has proposed a 60/40 split scenario in favor of Spence should the two fight next year.

Here’s what Crawford thinks of that:

Indeed Crawford doesn’t seem confident in the fight’s chances of even happening:

Since last weekend’s fight Crawford’s promoter Bob Arum has taken serious heat for saying he’s not prepared to lose money promoting Crawford anymore.

On one hand you can see where Bob is coming from as it’s his money at the end of the day. Boxing like everything in this world is a business.

If he’s done a few million that has to sting.

On the other hand though without the fighters there is no business.

Crawford is pound for pound one of the very best in the sport today.

After last weekend’s numbers on ESPN too his star will have grown significantly in my view from the numbers we are tracking.

Look, a Spence fight would carry some financial risk but if done right in front of a crowd next year it could make a lot of money for the fighters and all involved.

More importantly it would be that break out fight between two pound for pound talents in their primes the sport (outside of the heavyweights) needs to grow overall and bounce back from a tough 2020.

As for Crawford, look, some people are introverts.

I can speak for myself only being an introvert (naturally), one of these INTJ personality types, if Crawford is an introvert which I suspect he is — trying to force him to not be himself and talk trash in interviews to promote himself just isn’t going to work.

Putting him on camera and around strangers all the time that he doesn’t know (nor care about) won’t help him. It will just do him harm.

He comes across as an intelligent fella and a unique sense of humor.

Quite loyal possibly too from what I have observed.

These are excellent traits that can be marketed in the appropriate way with more in-depth story telling.

Maybe even change the nickname from ‘Bud’ to something else, just thinking out loud.

ESPN can do that more for him if he just finds someone there that he trusts to work with him on that.

Get someone at Top Rank he trusts to go along to these ESPN segments with him.

His older sister seems like a totally opposite personality to him and a fiery character.

Bring her along too to these things to promote him. Same with his trainer. What the heck why not.

Remember, there’s been plenty of fighters in the past that were not big talkers naturally who got their name out there in the end.

New Jersey’s Marvin Hagler (born in Newark) for example who did his talking in the ring.

Also promoted by Bob and Top Rank.

Obviously he’s (Crawford) a professional athlete in the public eye and this would be important ahead of any Spence fight.

Or even a Pacquiao fight next year.

A frustrating time for him but still what an achievement last weekend.

It really was.

Full credit to Terence Crawford on an amazing victory this past weekend.

We’ll get that Spence vs Crawford fight eventually.

God is good.


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