What Mike Tyson Said When Asked If He Ever Took Steroids

Mike Tyson has had one heck of a boxing career and life.

That much is safe to say.

On November 28th another chapter in both will unfold.

In an exhibition bout against fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr Tyson will look to roll back the clock at the age of 54.

Many believe the concept of it being an exhibition will not manifest, mind you.

Rather it will develop in to a full on brawl once leather starts to fly.

That’s the way Tyson rolls. Everything is a fight.

That’s why he is who he is at the end of he day.

Ahead of the bout on his podcast ‘Iron’ Mike was asked if he ever took performance enhancing drugs before a fight.

Here’s what he said:

Upfront and honest as always in fairness.

Discerning from his and Roy Jones’ recent training footage ahead of November 28th both guys are going to come into it in tip top fighting shape.

Ready for war and to throw down.

Sure, it won’t be vintage version of either guy but the fact its two boxing legends who’ve used modern science and technology to try to turn back the clock will get people interested.

With the fight taking place at heavyweight expect bombs.

As for steroids don’t worry about them.

Judging from Tyson’s podcast he’s smoked a lot of weed though but obviously that has no bearing on this exhibition.


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3 Things About Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr You Should Know

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