Ah yes, Deontay Wilder.

Recently I have to admit I was rather baffled at some of the claims of the former WBC heavyweight champion regarding his rematch with Tyson Fury.

From water bottle tampering claims to accusing Ricky Hatton of meddling with a glove of Tyson Fury and calling the Fury family cheaters.

Bologne and total crap frankly and quite odd from Wilder, a likable individual usually but obviously this year has affected everyone’s mental health to be fair.

You have to cut people slack who’ve survived 2020.

That said, commentator and all round boxing New York boxing guru Teddy Atlas hasn’t.

Ah yeah, good old Teddy. What a nut case (in a good way!).

Speaking on his podcast here’s what he’s had to say about the whole ram-shackle crap show:

(Hat tip The Fight With Teddy Atlas YouTube channel)

Well, there you have it.

A bizarre situation all round really.

It is still unclear who Wilder will face next.

Or Fury for that matter.

Time will tell.


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