Spence and Crawford Have Their Say on Davis vs Santa Cruz

spence and crawford have their say on davis vs santa cruz

With the dust now settled on an incredible weekend of boxing just gone it is very clear to see the implications for the sport of what transpired.

New stars and pound for pound talent emerged in the form of Nayoa Inoue and Gervonta Davis.

The weekend largely belonged to Baltimore’s ‘Tank’ Davis mind, as he knocked out a four-weight world champion from Mexico who had largely never been hurt in his professional career.

Let alone knocked out cold.

An unbelievable feat in fairness.

Davis could very well be one of the biggest punchers and brightest stars pound for pound in the sport today after that.

Indeed, two of the sport’s other pound for pound rated talents Errol Spence and Terence Crawford had nothing but good things to say on what they saw:

Spence saying the following:

Both fighters involved in the contest also showed themselves excellent afterwards too.

Putting a very good light on the sport of boxing it should be noted:

That’s what it is all about afterwards in terms of boxing being the sport of gentlemen when respect is shown after the fight is over.

There wasn’t any real trash talk beforehand either, just a quality fight and ending.

Sometimes in the sport of boxing one gets a sense when things are starting to change.

I got that sense profoundly this past weekend.

Slowly but surely boxing has been coming back following a difficult year but I for one after being bored out of my head a lot recently have really enjoyed these past few weeks in American boxing while still stuck in crappy Europe for now.

A live crowd at the weekend too which was great to see.

All in all, excellent stuff.

Roll on the rest of 2020.