Mayweather Reacts To Gervonta Davis Knocking Out Santa Cruz

Mayweather reacts to Gervonta Davis knocking out Santa Cruz

Some incredible scenes tonight in Texas following a stunning knockout victory for Gervonta Davis over Leo Santa Cruz.

A fight and performance that really ignited the sport of boxing in some fashion.

Indeed, boxing had been building momentum a lot in recent weeks in America but this really was the icing on the cake up to now.

Davis’ knockout of Santa Cruz signaled him as a new force in the sport of boxing and his promoter and mentor Floyd Mayweather appears to be more happy than even he is:

(Hat tip EsNews YouTube)

Also here was the live reaction ringisde to the massive knockout punch:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Amazing stuff all in all.

Credit to Mayweather on finding Davis and the partnership they’ve developed so far.

Floyd Mayweather was the last recognized stand out pound for pound star in the sport and no doubt he wants his young protégé to become the new one.

So many fighters will be vying for that top number one spot in the coming year or two.

Great times for the entire sport ahead.

Following tonight’s win in San Antonio Davis’ record as a pro boxer improves to 24-0-23 KO.

Hats off to Gervonta Davis on a truly sensational win tonight.


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