George Foreman Makes New Revelation About Sonny Liston’s Age

George Foreman Makes New Revelation About Sonny Liston's Age

Oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history George Foreman knows a thing or two about fighting on into one’s advanced years from an athletic standpoint.

To this day Foreman’s win in 1994 at the age of 45 over Michael Moorer in Las Vegas still holds the record for the oldest heavyweight champion in history.

The youngest being 20 in 1986 in Mike Tyson’s win over Trevor Berbick.

Foreman has always spoken of his respect for another of boxing’s big hitters, Sonny Liston.

As has Tyson.

Foreman always said Liston was the only person who ever intimidated him and made him back up in a boxing ring.

Tyson has also gone on record over the years saying Liston was boxing’s meanest fighter ever.

Although Foreman and Liston never fought in a pro fight they did spar.

George Foreman has now gone on record saying that he doesn’t believe Liston’s age on his boxing record was right at all:

Wow, there you have it.

Liston certainly goes under the radar in boxing historical debates for how good he was.

Perhaps it was testament to just how brilliant Muhammad Ali, who beat him, was:


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